Spartan Race Survey results

Even though I make hats, I'm also trying to study user design and interaction. This post is about my Coursera UX class assignment on physical fitness, where I turned to a specific form of exercise that I know and love- Spartan Races. I did not have race this week prior to the assignment deadline, so I could not interview people in person. Coming up with the questions was easy, as was creating a quick sub-five minute quiz. My first assignment task was to create a Stakeholder map: The bulk of people involved in Spartan racers are the racers themselves, who can be broken into a number of demographics. Other people who might provide valuable insight into Spartan Races are the staff- the foun

The Hitchcock - Our "The Birds" Inspired Headpiece

This headpiece is by Alfred Hitchcock's iconic classic horror film "The Birds". A flock of birds of different sizes and colors swarm above your head on hidden wiring. The positions and heights of the birds are easily adjustable. The wirework easily disguises into your hair. Just wear it with your favorite retro inspired dress to have a show-stopping Halloween costume. Made to order, we can customize it any way you want. Wrap your hair around the suspended wires to get an even more authentic look.

Lil Poundcake

I like to think there is a lil Lil Poundcake in all of us. Times where you lose your temper, run your mouth, flip the table but still manage to look hideously beautiful. Here is a throwback to a Fab Hatters designed Lil Poundcake mannequin head. We are huge Alaska fans!

Hat for a Cat

Hats aren't only for humans! Here, our uncle's cat,"Pussy" is modeling our jeweled beetle wing hat. Jeweled Beetle Wing Hat @ Uncle's House, Hong Kong

At the races

A highlight of my travels in Hong Kong was watching the horse races at Happy Valley. Horses trotted around before and after their race, giving spectators an up close look at their sleek, powerful frames. The race track was a spacious social space, where many people sat down, laughed, and shared beers, only interrupting their conversation every 30 minutes to intensely scrutinize the action at the race track. Around the track, various promo models handed out advertisements and encouraged people to participate in games. Here I am in front of a Spectre (James Bond movie) backdrop pretending to ride a winning horse. Wire Frame Top Hat @Happy Valley Race Course

Hat of the Day

Earlier this year, N.M. and I spent almost a month in Hong Kong. To be in Hong Kong is to be immersed in a hub of fashion, where East Asian and European cultures intertwine. The city is full of hustlers, selling food on the street, rushing to finance jobs, playing the er-hu (chinese guitar), and mingling in crowded bars. We were fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who value laughter, food, and diverse interests. In this picture N.M. is eating squab. Artist Palette Hat @ Hong Kong Restaurant, Hong Kong

The Other Fab Hatter

Hello, I'm Grace, the little known and little in size member of Fab Hatters. Whereas N.M does the bulk of the hat construction and order support, I design hat concepts and manage the website. I recently redesigned the website and am working on creating this blog, which will focus on fashion, lifestyle tips, and food. This blog will also include a hat of the day worn in public. I am someone who, like my sister is inspired by the strange, intriguing moments of life. We seek to integrate these elements into our designs to create hats that turn heads (not literally though). Salvador Dali Melting Clock Hat @ Cirque du Soleil Cabinet Kurios

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