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Perfect for a Springtime look. It is very bold & dramatic while being lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Large Yellow Sunflower Hat Costume Headpiece

PriceFrom $134.95
  • The position of the sunflower and the leaves are also adjustable, they are on hidden green wires.

    The green hat base is covered in green leaves and moss. I can also cover it with green sequin fabric instead. The two big green leaves can be easily adjusted to any position of height you want. 

    It has a hat elastic.

    It is accented by a ladybug on one leaf. I can add more ladybugs or a butterfly landing on the center of the flower for NO additional cost. Just let me know if you are interested
    The petals are made out of lightweight foam, so you have to be careful of the petals, don't squeeze or pinch them too hard, that would leave pressure marks on them.

    Your version might have a few slight impressions in the petals, this is unavoidable during the construction process. I screen hundreds of pieces to get the best one possible for you though, and these slight imperfections are not visible unless viewed up close from inches away.