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This udon and Asian inspired costume headpiece will definitely ensure you are the center of attention.


This is definitely a stand-out look!  A pair of chopsticks are "frozen in time", suspended in the air, picking up some udon noodles! 


Made-to-order, you can customize the colors of the hat base, fan, chopsticks, and bowl.  

You can also choose between having a paper or fabric fan.


Contact me before ordering to consult about what type of look you want, there might be minor changes in price depending on the customization.  


The chopsticks are red. The outside of the udon bowl is black, the inside of the bowl is bright red.  The noodles are decorated with "green onions" and "carrots".

A bright red fan frames the background of the piece.


If you would like "buckwheat noodles" in the bowl instead let me know.  


It has an adjustable hat elastic and a hair comb attached.


In the picture, loose threads might be visible, this is because at this point it has been left unlined for possible alterations. Your headpiece will come fully lined, these loose threads will not be visible.


Each piece is handmade and there might be variations in the materials used, though we will stay with the red and black color theme, unless a change is requested.


*Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
*The headpiece typically ships out within 1-2 weeks, though I can typically accommodate rush orders.


Red Japanese Fan and Udon Noodle Costume Headpiece


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