“That big Captain, with his scrubby and bushy eyebrows, was - who do you think? He was the biggest and baddest of the Banksia men.”


Height: 6.5 cm | Width: 5.7 cm


This item is being sold for a slightly reduced price as according to Erstwilder:

“Specifically, the design has been produced with a small hole in the backing layer where the brooch clasp has been placed. We want to stress that the hole itself is common in our designs and not a fault in its own right, but for this piece it resulted in a shadow being visible when looking at the design from the front. The visibility of the shadow when looking at the piece from varies from piece to piece but due to presence of the shadow we decided to reduce the price.”


Fab Hatters is a US Retailer for authentic Erswilder products.

BANKSIA MAN Brooch by Erstwilder | May Gibbs

  • Erstwilder is an Australian brand of quirky, unique resin jewelry.  Each item is designed in Melbourne by Louisa Camille. 

    Fab Hatters is an authorized US Retailer for authentic Erstwilder Products. 

    Each piece is hand-assembled, hand-painted, and released in limited edition. All designs are made from layered resin. All metal components are made from a lead and nickel free base-metal.

    The giftbox is included.

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