What a Bright Idea!

This cartoon inspired lightbulb headband will definitely insure that your ideas are noticed.

It looks just like it jumped off the page of a drawing or comic book. And even your shadow will make an impact.

Bright Idea Lightbulb Headband

  • Please carefully read the description.

    Each headband is made to order, the lightbulb is double-sided, with an inner stiffened core to keep its shape.  You only get ONE headband with each order, but the lightbulb is double sided.

    Pictured, one side is covered with white glitter, accented with yellow wirework, and silver resin.  The shimmer of the white glitter is much more evident in person, it did not photograph well.

    The other side shows the X-RAY of a lightbulb, it is accented with fine, gold colored wire filament.  It also resembles a turned off lightbulb.

    The piece is attached to a wide, black satin headband.

    I do have one ready to ship, one that has the white glitter/x-ray mix.

  • You can choose from 3 Options.

    Option 1:
    One side has one glitter, one side has the X-ray.

    Option 2:
    Both sides have the white glitter option.

    Option 3:
    Both sides have the black X-ray option.

    CAUTION:  It is not a toy.  Do not leave with unsupervised young children.  Do not expose to high temperatures, store in the dark when not is use to prevent fading or color change.

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