A jumbo size green apple sits atop a wide, black satin headband.  The apple is larger than typical faux apples and it is accented on the front with a custom printed "Son of Man".  One version has the "Son of Man" printed on silk.  The other version portrays a vector, flat style version of the painting, with both the man and the apple popping out from each other.


It is suitable for all hair lengths.  It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.


I now have two different styles of the Apple headbands.  Both are sample models and are offered for a reduced price.

A. Apple with Realistic Silk Print
B. Apple with Vector


This initial run of headbands is being sold for a reduced price as I plan on changing the image slightly.  I also have Surrealist apple bowler hats in my shop.

Magritte "Son of Man" Green Apple Surrealist Headband

$60.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
"Painting" Style

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