Don't BUG out, you're sure to look CLAWsome with this realistic, moving scorpion hair clip! 

Inspired by Vanessa Ives of "Penny Dreadful", this scorpion hair clip adds a bit of dark, gothic glamour and elegance to any look. 


A articulated scorpion is attached to a large hair clip.  The legs and stinger are attached to little springs, which give the scorpion some movement to it.   


The scorpion is about the size of a human palm.


The one pictured is painted a metallic gold, but it can be made in any color including red and black, purple & black, black, gold, silver, plain black, brown.

Just tell me what color you want.

*This headpiece typically ships out within 1-4 business days.
*Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
*Hats with Heart: For every $100 in profit, we do at least 1 hour of volunteer work.

Any Color MOVING Scorpion Fascinator Hair Clip

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