Could these sunglasses be any CORNEA? Sorry, but that's how EYE ROLL!  

These cartoon eye sunglasses complete and accent any cartoon, anime, or pop art look or costume and assure that all EYES will be on you!


  • IMPORTANT:  The sunglasses feature UV400 protective poly-carbonate lenses, BUT they are novelty sunglasses.  
  • Due to the nature of its design, your vision might be obscured when worn.  Use proper precaution and DO NOT wear while driving, etc. or while doing anything that can cause harm to you or others.  


They are available in TWO styles.


Our "Illusion Cartoon Eyes" version feature applique cartoon eyes on top of smoky black, frameless cat-eye sunglasses. They have a gold metal frame and adjustable nosepads.You can see through the pupil, which has been cut out. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: These sunglasses do obscure your peripheral vision and should only been worn for selfies, sitting down, and other activities were you are in a safe, secure location were you are not in danger of bumping into anything.


Our "Double Vision" sunglasses feature applique cartoon eyes placed on the top of the frame of a pair of high quality acetate sunglasses.  It will look like you have two pairs of eyes!  This style only only minimally affects your field of vision.

For the "DOUBLE VISION" frames, you can choose different sunglasses frame colors: BLACK, RED, WHITE, or BLUE.  


There might be variations with each piece made.  

It comes with a cleaning cloth and cloth storage bag.

*We are based in Los Angeles, California.
*These sunglasses typically ship out within 1-3 business days.
*Hats with Heart: For every $100 in profit, we do at least 1 hour of volunteer work.

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