Let’s FACE it, times are crazy, but even though a lot of places require you to wear some sort of face covering, our face masks are fashionable and let you still show some personality with your look! 


This mask features Lavender Rococo Floral Bird Print.  There are white, gray-scale birds, flowers, and rococo swirl accents on a pale purple, lavender background.  


Please read the description carefully, due to health and hygiene reasons, sales for face masks are FINAL.


  • These washable, reusable face masks are double layered, have a filter pocket, and a nose wire.  They are close fitting masks made from soft cotton fabric that has been prewashed, dried, and ironed.


Our masks have a filter pocket so that you can place the filter of your choice, in order to increase its effectiveness.  With each mask we’ll include 3 coffee filters that you can place inside.  Each mask also has an adjustable removable wire nose clip that makes for a better fit.  Please do your proper research to see what types of available filters you can find, they vary in their effectiveness.  


All our masks come with elastic straps that go to the BACK OF THE HEAD, we find this way to be more comfortable than ear loops.  If you prefer ear loops to head loops, let us know.


Each mask is hand-sewn by myself, using proper hygiene to prevent contamination.  Until last year I interned at a hospital and I majored in epidemiology at UCLA so I’m aware of proper safety protocols.  I have also been practicing social isolation since January since I’m immunocompromised.


All our masks are Limited Edition, we have limited supplies of materials.


The print can vary with each mask. The front of the masks will be made from the same print of fabric is pictured in the listing.  As for the reverse, inside fabric, it will be a random cotton fabric.  Most lining fabrics will be blue, orange, pink, or red cotton.


The listing photo shows samples of the backs of a couple different masks, we did not photograph the inside of every mask so those are examples.


We carry Face Masks in the following sizes:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Men's XL
  • Kids (7-12)
  • Kids (3-6)


Please note that facial hair might interfere with the fit of all masks.  If you have a beard I would order the Men's XL size.


If you feel the masks are too big for you, you can adjust the fit by adjusting the nose wire, wearing the top band of the head elastic higher on the crown of your head, or simply knotting the elastic for a tighter fit.


* Handmade in Los Angeles, California

  • Due to the handmade nature of our products, there may be a slight variation in color or pattern placement.
  • The mask is ready-to-ship in 1-3 business days.
  • Due to sanitary and hygiene issues, all face masks are final sale.


In the listing photos, the masks might look too big or look like they fit oddly on the mannequin head since the display head is slightly smaller than life-size.  On the samples we tried, they fit perfectly on an actual human head.

Lavender Rococo Floral Bird Face Mask w/ Filter Pocket

  • DO NOT MICROWAVE the masks, just hand wash it in cool water. Remember that there is a wire in the masks!


    You can machine wash or machine dry the masks, but the elastics will last longer with hand washing and hang-drying though.  You can hand-wash the masks in the sink with some hand-soap.

  • Disclaimer: If your situation requires you to wear medical grade filtered masks such as N95, our product is not suitable for you. These masks ARE NOT medical grade masks, but can be worn over a regular surgical mask or with a medical grade filter inserted into the filter pocket.

    DO NOT let a child under the age of 3 wear a mask, they might have trouble breathing with a mask on!

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