Maple Seed Range, part of the Art Nouveau Collection continued 2020.




Brooch:  75mm 75mm approx  or  3in x 3in.


Inspiration taken from a classic Art Nouveau Maple Seed Necklace c.1903 we improvised a mini collection of Earrings, Brooch & Statement necklace made from a gorgeous and perfect coloured frost acrylic offering from perspex called sea foam green.


We have employed closely guarded manufacturing techniques to create double sided realism works of art with this mini collection.


The sea foam green acrylic works wonderfully with the antique gold detailing and edging, the translucent frosted acrylic giving the double sided detail the opportunity to make the art feel very realistic and subtly detailed making it feel high quality art.


We have cast every pearl in biodegradable resin by hand before adhering to both sides adding to that feeling of realism and 3 dimensional look and feel. 


The brooch sits upon a 50mm antique large safety pin with an array of Maple Seed Petals, pearls and crystals hanging together in shimmering movement and frivolity.

Maple Seed Brooch by MissJ Jewelry

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