Inspired by the Ouija Planchette Sharon Needles wore to the Finale Episode of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 4.  It was part of her look that she wore when she was crowned.


Sharon Needle's version was glued onto a tiara.  My version is made out of a custom printed, stiffened fabric.

The print says "Mystic Hand" on it and is has a wood grain look to it, the image was taken directly from a vintage authentic Ouija Planchette.  It is available in two sizes: regular and large.

Sharon Needles Inspired Ouija Planchette or Ouija Board Fascinator Hair Clip

$45.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
Clip Style
Planchette Size
  • The CURVED style is shaped so that it stays up on its own.  It has a bend to it.  It has a small clip attached.  It is meant to be worn to the center front of your head.

    The FLAT style is flat and has a small clip attached.  It can be worn in anywhere on your head, like a regular hair clip.  If you want to wear it upright like Sharon Needles, you would need to clip it onto a tiara (not included with the regualr size planchette).

  • REGULAR SIZE Hair Clip


    The ouija planchette is approximately 8 cm from the top to the point.  


    Please note the mannequin heads are smaller than life-size so it might seem a bit smaller than pictured.


    Get a matching set of BOTH the ouija board and the planchette hair clips for $44.


    LARGE SIZE Hair clip


    It has a flat shape and you can wear it directly on your hair or on a crown if you want it to stand up more. You can clip it onto your own tiara or for $8 more we can include a small gold tiara crown, attached to a wide black satin headband.The large planchette itself is approximately 12 cm from the top to the point.

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