This  headpiece is inspired by a surrealist headpiece made by Schiaparelli and Dali.  

It is ready to ship.

A custom printed x-ray of a foot wearing a high heel shoe is attached with hidden wiring to a black satin headband.  The position and angle of the foot can be adjusted.

Surrealist High Heels Shoe X-Ray Veiled Headband

  • The back of the lips is covered in black glitter.  

    It is accented with black dotted veiling.  Red or pink dotted veiling or plain birdcage veiling can be used instead upon request,


    Very open to customization, major changes might result in differences in cost.  

    Due to the handmade nature of this product, there are slight variations in each piece and the materials in your piece might differ slightly, but will be of the same quality.

    VERY IMPORTANT:  Keep away from direct sunlight when not in use. to prevent color change.  It is preferable to store it in the dark when not in use.

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