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Feel film-ready in this attention-grabbing popcorn headpiece!  With all eyes on you you'll feel like a movie star!  It is loosely inspired by movie nights and a popcorn outfit I saw Manila Luzon wear.  It is also similar to looks worn by Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.  


There is a lot of hidden wirework that ensures that the popcorn box is securely fastened.   It is  "levitating" and spilling popcorn onto a red, woven straw percher hat.  Underneath the popcorn is hand-painted, hand-molded thermo-plastic that provides structure and disguises the wirework. 


It has a hat elastic sewn in, to be worn to the back of the head.  You can also use bobby pins (not included) to secure it even more, though I did not find this necessary.


The popcorn is REAL popcorn (plain, unsalted) that has been treated with sealants.  DO NOT eat the popcorn. it is non-toxic, but it is recommended that you not eat it.  Do not treat it as a toy.  Do not let unsupervised children use it.


This is a costume piece, it comes partially lined.


Each piece of popcorn is hand-placed, but still some pieces might fall off.  You will get a baggie of treated replacement popcorn.  The baggie will be clearly labeled to show that it is inedible.


I also have other Popcorn accessories available.  Just search for “popcorn” in my store.


Model & photographer: @sofausti on Instagram


* Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
* A custom order typically ships out within 1-2 weeks, though I can typically accommodate rush orders.

Surrealist Spilled Popcorn Headpiece Deluxe Version


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