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Loosely inspired by movie nights and popcorn outfits worn by Katy Perry, Manila Luzon, and Nicki Minaj.  

This is a MEDIUM size, more affordable version, of my very popular popcorn hats. It is a great size for children and teens! I also have smaller and larger versions available.

Popcorn handbags are also available here:

If you want to buy more than one popcorn item, let me know and I'll give you a discount.

The one pictured has sold, please allow up to 1-2 weeks to wake, though I might be able to make it faster.

Surrealist Spilled Popcorn Headpiece (Medium Size)

  • There is a lot of hidden wirework that ensures that the popcorn box is securely fastened.   It is  "levitating" and spilling popcorn onto a small red, teardrop shaped woven straw fascinator base.  Underneath the popcorn is  hand-molded thermo-plastic that provides structure and disguises the wirework. 

    The popcorn is REAL popcorn (plain, unsalted) that has been treated with sealants.  DO NOT eat the popcorn.  Do not treat it as a toy.  Do not let unsupervised children use it.

    This is a costume piece, it comes unlined.

    Each piece of popcorn is hand-placed, but still some pieces might fall off.  You will get a baggie of treated replacement popcorn.  The baggie will be clearly labeled to show that it is inedible.

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