Why You Should Buy Our Face Masks

Some of you might be wondering why our masks cost so much while there are other cheaper, simpler masks on the market. So here’s an explanation as to the pricing of our masks, which we feel is very fair considering the circumstances.

We picked a more complicated face mask design, that we feel offers better face protection. I used to study epidemiology and I did unpaid medical volunteer work for 5 years. In fact, I started this business to help fund my volunteer work and medical studies. As a result, I know more about PPE and health issues than the average sewer and I picked this particular fabric face mask design based on several criteria.

For masks, ensuring a proper fit and seal is one of the MOST important aspects. Our Craft Passion masks are one of the most popular designs and have the most positive feedback regarding size and fit. Our masks also have a removable wire sleeve, this ensures a better fit around the nose and allows you to remove the wire for cleaning etc.

Our face masks have a filter pocket because fabric masks by themselves don’t offer complete protection. The filter material you use can greatly affect the effectiveness of the mask. There might be supply issues with sourcing filter material. Also, some people might have difficulty breathing or discomfort with certain filter materials. Having a filter pocket allows our clients to choose the best filter material they can find, that they find comfortable breathing it.

We choose to use the back of the head mask straps rather than the usual ear loops (unless ear loops are requested) because they are the most comfortable with prolonged use. This uses more elastic, which is increasingly more difficult and expensive to source.

We also top stitch and reinforce seams for durability and so the masks better hold their shape through repeated use and washing.

We feel these features offer the best protection and comfort we can possibly provide our clients, which hopefully encourages you to wear your mask more and for longer while social distancing or conducting essential business.

Unfortunately, these choices make the designs more complicated and longer to make. Each mask takes over an hour to make each. There are cheaper masks out there, but most are much simpler designs that can be made quickly and they don’t offer the comfort, fit, and protection that our masks do. Handmade fabric face masks with the nose wire and filter pocket typically run in the $25-$30 range, so we’re priced competitively compared to our competitors using the same design.

We’re a really small business, a 1-2 person team, and we try to price our masks fairly taking into the time and cost involved. Typically we would be charging MUCH more for a headpiece that required a similar level of work. We also work really hard to get your masks out to you, and at the moment all face masks are going out in 1-2 business days.

We also use the profits to help fund our donations to the Navajo Nation. At the moment the cost of our donations has far, far exceeded any “profit” we make from the sale of these masks. And a lot of the fabric we use is pricier material originally meant for our costuming and headwear business.

We’re not price gouging or taking advantage of the situation. We’re definitely not making any sort of living wage off these masks. And due to global supply and demand the prices of materials keeps on rising so at times we might have to adjust our prices.

So please try to be understanding about the time and cost that goes into making each mask.

I’ve also been social isolating at home since January and though it’s difficult at times, these are unusual times and we should each do our part for the greater good to prevent further spread. Boredom shouldn't be an excuse for risky behavior.

Please stay safe and social isolate as much as possible, for both your health and the health of those around you.



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