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Perfect for a "Rose Queen" type of look.  It is very bold & dramatic while being lightweight and comfortable to wear.


The rolled edge of the rose are shaped by hand to look more realistic, but there might be slight imperfections and impressions in the foam that might be visible close up from inches away. This would not be visible when worn.


  • We now make the 30cm roses attached to a wide black headband that has a hair comb attached to it.  
  • If you would like them on a fascinator hat base covered with crushed velvet instead, let us know. The fascinator base versions costs $10 more and comes with a elastic and comb attached to it.

The petals are made out of lightweight foam, so you have to be careful of the petals, don't squeeze or pinch them too hard, that would leave pressure marks on them.  Your headpiece does come with care instructions so that in case you do accidentally mark up the petals, you can easily fix it.



  • Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
  • This headpiece typically ships out within 1-4 business days.

Blue, Yellow, or Gray Rose Floral Hatinator Fascinator Headpiece