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This headpiece is a truly unique item that will assure that you are the center of attention!


The one pictured is ready to ship.  I can make it in different color schemes or with flowers made out of guitar picks as the accent instead of the brooch, additional costs may apply.


It took me weeks to figure out how to make this and it still has a pretty high rate of failure during construction.  It is a tricky piece to make.


This hat is made out of a vintage vinyl record that was blocked onto an authentic tricorn hat block.  The brim might not be perfectly symmetrical, but this is inevitable due to the unconventional material and construction of the headpiece.    


You can choose between a red, black, white or blue color scheme (I have matching records and fringe for these).  I can make it in other custom labels or color fringes, but contact me first since prices will vary.


The record is firmly attached to a woven straw base.  It has a hat elastic and hair comb attached.  


•    Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
•    The headpiece pictured is ready-to-ship.
•    A custom order typically ships out within 1-2 weeks, though I can typically accommodate rush orders.

Blue Black Purple Vinyl Music Record Unisex Tricorn Hat

  • The hat can be positioned in many ways, to either side or lying flat on the top of the head.  The record is firmly attached to a woven straw black and white hat base.  It has a hat elastic and hair comb attached.  

    The record has been carefully melted to get an interesting wavy pattern!  Your one might be slightly different, but similar, each one is hand-made.

    The beaded fringe only covers HALF of the circumference of the record, this makes it lighter and more affordable.  To have the entire circumference surrounded with fringe is +$15, those beads cost a lot.  Black beaded fringe also available.  There are other record and fringes available, but that might increase production time.  Customization available, cheaper versions without the beads are also available.

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