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With this headpiece, YOU become the work of art!  This surreal art palette hat is perfect for Halloween, gallery openings, art events, and anyone artistically inclined.


This hat was inspired by an iconic Stephen Jones for John Galliano’s ‘Christian Dior Haute Couture Automne/Hiver 2007’ collection.  That version was grey and joyless, I decided to make my own colorful take on it.


The headpieces are ADJUSTABLE, hidden wire-work means that it can be worn and tilted in many different ways.


I have two versions, a deluxe version and a cheaper budget-friendly plastic version.


A. The DELUXE version can be made with a white glitter front or a white felt finish.  The example pictured has white glitter on the front, white felt on the back. Dimensional paint blobs are made out of carefully placed sequin trim and decorate the front and back of the palette. 


If you would like pom poms on the front instead of sequins, that would be $25 cheaper.


The BACK of the palette has a white, matte felt finish.  It will also have sequin paint blobs. Those will be painted on.  The default will be the same color as in the front unless you specify something different.


It is attached to a hat base covered in black velvet with a random, pop art embroidered designed.  This design on the hat base is more evident in person than pictured. The hat base has an adjustable hat strap attached.


This palette is NOT flat, the surface is curved and three-dimensional, something that is hard to capture in the pictures.


B. The BUDGET-FRIENDLY option is made out of a plastic artist palette.  The "paint" on the front is made out of pom-poms. The back is undecorated.  The black hat base it is attached to is splattered with paint.  


• Handmade in Los Angeles, California.

• The BUDGET version pictured is ready-to-ship in about a week.

• The deluxe version or a custom order typically ships out within 1-2 weeks, though I can typically accommodate rush orders.

Multicolored Sequin or Pom-Pom Artist Palette Tilt Fascinator

PriceFrom $109.95

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