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Inspired by one of the most iconic hats of the 21st century. 

Photo by Deanastacia photography.  Modeled by @maestra_omayah

Please note that the photographer for the first two listing photos color edited it.  Photos 2-4 are a more accurate representation of the color of the butterflies.


Please read carefully!


Please contact me before ordering.  It can be made in any color or combination of color, but it'll take around a month to 5 weeks to make.  If you need it faster, I might be able to oblige.


  • Shipping costs are separate and will vary WILDY depending on your location (domestic or international) and your deadline since this is an oversized package.  Shipping costs would be charged separately, it will be higher than the estimated shipping at checkout.


It is EXTREMELY large, but it only weighs about one pound (16 ounces).  This is not uncomfortable to wear since it is perfectly balanced on top of your head.  I test wore one for over 10 hours with no problems.  


Everything is attached to a lightweight, flexible, but strong hat base.  It follows the shape of head and makes it comfortable to wear.  The top of the hat base is completely covered with feather butterfly wings.  This headpiece has adjustable hat straps attached.      

The butterflies are attached on individual wires.  The butterflies are adjustable in terms of height and position.  Each butterfly is made out of real feathers.


I can make it in almost ANY color scheme you want.  There is an traditional cost if you want more than colors in the headpiece as this dramatically complicates the design.


Some butterflies might become ruffled during transport, you can smooth them back into place with your fingertips.  This hat comes with detailed care and repair instructions. It comes with many replacement butterflies.  The butterflies have paper mache bodies, which makes them lightweight, but if you are very rough with them or get them wet they may become damaged.  You can just replace the damaged butterflies with one of the replacement ones.

Some of the butterflies might require adjustments upon delivery because they have moved out of place during shipment.


The shipment will come with tracking and insurance.  Sales are FINAL for this piece.


This is my most expensive hat because the more butterflies you add to a piece, it gets exponentially more difficulty to deal with.  You have to deal with balancing and overcrowding issues with the wires and feathers.


This particular piece had over 100 butterflies and 110 feet of wirework in it.


I can also make a piece that is between the Beatrice and this in size, for someone who would like a smaller version.


It is an art piece.  It's handmade nature and the nature of the materials used means that there might be a few imperfections or variations with it, which would not be visible unless you look at it closely from inches away.


*Handmade in Los Angeles, California

Custom LARGE Monarch Butterfly Headdress

  • Please contact me before ordering, especially if you are an international client or if you are ordering several hats at once.

    This is an oversized package and shipping will cost more for this piece.


    • Butterflies are made out of hand-painted feathers.
    • The butterflies are treated with special acrylic coatings to increase durability and make them more UV resistant. 
    • Large butterflies are 4.5in across. Small butterflies are 2.5in across.
    • Handmade in Los Angeles, California.


    • Hats with Heart: For every $100 in profit, we do at least 1 hour of volunteer work.
    • The headpiece will come with a spare butterfly, it did not fall off.


    Make it a complete look and add our matching butterfly sunglasses for a special price!  Contact us for details.

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