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Isn't it a-PARROT, this look will EMUs all with how FLOCKing fabulous it is!

This bird headpiece is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's iconic classic film "The Birds".

This bold and dramatic hatinator is lightweight and comfortable to wear.  


A flock of birds of different  sizes and colors swarm above your head on hidden wiring.  There are also mini birds attached along the wiring of the headband itself.  The positions and heights of the birds are easily adjustable.  


Most of the birds are hummingbirds in various sizes, please be cautious around their beaks, though I do blunt them.

Made-to-order, we can make customize this headpiece to your specifications.


If you would like a version using ONLY white doves, it would be $155.


The birds are attached to a millinery wire frame construction, similar in shape to a headband.  You can bend the headband to fit your head shape.  This wire headband easily disguised under your hair and you can easily use bobby pins along the wire if you need extra security.  


It might require the use of a 1-4 bobby pins (not included) to wear, depending on your hair length and texture.  The "headband" is available in black or white.  

IMPORTANT: Leave me a note with your hair color as I dye or paint the headband to match.

Hitchcock "The Birds" Attack Inspired Costume Headpiece

PriceFrom $199.95
  • How to Wear:

    • Bend the headband to fit your head shape.  
    • Place on head.  
    • Attach with some bobby pins, along the wire of the headband if you find it necessary.



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