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Ay poppy, this made-to-order overisze poppy flower headpiece is sure to turn heads!  Inspired by the Remembrance Poppy. It might take up to 1 week to make.You can choose the color of the flower and the center of the flower, just leave me a note.The poppy is made out of hand-painted and hand-cut foam petals.  The petals are individually wired, so you can "open" or "close" the flower.  The flowers are shipped slightly closed up to reduce space.   These foam poppy flowers are available in different colors and sizes (30cm or 50cm).I have some poppy flowers in stock in roughly 30cm in diameter and roughly 50cm in diameter.  Upon request I can do 40cm poppies, but that adds 1-3 weeks to construction time. The petals are dry brushed and painted with several different tones of paint for realism.  I also hand-paint the center of the flowers.Upon request, I have plain, unpainted, solid color poppy flowers.  I don't recommend these though as without the paint job the wirework behind the petals are much more visible and the petal surfaces appear more irregular. The 30cm flowers are attached to a  wide black satin headband.  A hair comb is also attached. It is lightweight and easy-to-wear.  For any sizes larger than 30cm, the flower is attached to a round fasciantor base covered in crushed green velvet.The default will be to have a hat elastic AND a hair comb attached, it can be worn by most hair types and it comes with an attached tag describing how to wear it.  If you have particularly short hair, contact me first. Your headpiece will come WITHOUT leaves.  If you would like to add leaves for $15 let me know.  Since the flowers are so large, the leaves can't usually be seen from the front. The large orange and purple poppy/pansy flowers are ~50cm and are examples of painted looks.  They have sold.  These headpieces were inspired by the "Golden Afternoon" flowers from Alice in Wonderland.  Please note:  The mannequin head the rose is displayed on is not quite life-size, it is about 90% life-size, so the hat might appear a bit larger than it is in real life.

Red Remembrance Poppy Flower Costume Headdress | 30cm or 50cm Floral Fascinator

PriceFrom $189.95

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