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A bold, whimsical, surrealist headpiece perfect for any coffee-lover!


Brown and white tulle surround a hidden wire framework, from which a coffee cup is suspended in the air.

Coffee spills onto the wearer’s head.  The headpiece is accented with fake foam and wispy splashes of coffee.


It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.  It comes with an elastic and hair comb attached.


It is available in one of TWO styles:

  • A)    Dunkin Donuts.  It will come with a Styrofoam Dunkin Donuts cup (as pictured) with a pink hat base.
  • B)    Starbucks.  It will come made with a reusable, lightweight plastic Starbucks cup, with a green hat base.

And in TWO finishes:
1) Regular brown tulle
2) "Pumpkin Spice", brown tulle with brown & orange glitter.  There might be some glitter fallout with this style, but I do treat the material to minimize it.  It costs an additional $15 for this.

Spilled Coffee Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks Surrealist Costume Headpiece

PriceFrom $195.00

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