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Inspired by Salvador Dali's "Eye of Time" brooch which he commissioned for his wife.

It can top hat can be customized to any color, black is the default. It can be made with just ONE eye, TWO eyes, or TWO eyes AND a jeweled mouth.


Adding a Dali Softwatch (melting clock) is also possible for a different price. The eye images have been edited so that the mirror image of it shows the clock numbers correctly. If you're ordering a piece with two eyes, let me know if you want both to have the TEAR or not. Each of those images are custom printed by me on 100% cotton.

CAUTION: Do not expose to direct flames or temperatures of 215 degrees Fahrenheit or above for prolonged periods of time. It is made out of heat sensitive materials.

Surrealist Salvador Dali "Eye of Time" or Mouth Black Top Hat

PriceFrom $164.95

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