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I've been busy making this Busy Bee Beehive Fascinator for you!

Oh, Bee-have! Every Queen Bee or Honey will love this headpiece.

Busy Bee Beehive Fascinator

  • Takes up to a week to make.  

    Several yards of hidden, disguised wiring and mesh form this miniature golden, iridescent beehive. 

    The beehive has a metallic and sparkly finish to it. It is gold/yellow and it sits atop green moss. It's accented by 4 mini, hand-detailed honeybees, 3 are on the front and one is in the back. One is "flying in" on hidden wiring. The other three can easily be re-positioned to your liking, their wire legs hook into the beehive easily. It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

    It has clips, but let me know if your prefer hair combs or a headband instead. I can also add miniature floral accents such as calla lilies or red roses for no additional charge, contact me for availability.