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A perfect hat for the the Royal Ascot, Kentucky Derby, Ladies Day, or any other racing event.

This headpiece is ready to ship in 2-8 business days froM Los Angeles, CA

Green Horse Racing Hat Royal Ascot, Kentucky Derby

價格自 $169.95
  • Custom printed and stiffened horses race towards the finish line.  The horses  are individually wired and their positions can be adjusted.  The horse to the back is slightly smaller and set at an angle to give the headpiece more perspective.

    There is a gold "Finish" banner up above (it can be made in white upon request) and on the ground there is also a red-marked finish line in the ground.

    The hat base is woven straw covered in hand-placed faux moss.

    The headpiece is further accented by a gold trophy.

    It is lined in green wool felt and comes with 2 clips attached.  Let me know if you would prefer a hat elastic or headband instead.