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Introducing our exquisite "Floating Crown" fascinator headbands, designed to add a touch of regal charm to your ensemble effortlessly. Crafted with finesse, these lightweight wonders come with a concealed wire, ensuring a comfortable fit that's so easy to wear, you'll forget it's there!


Drawing inspiration from the captivating strokes of Basquiat's iconic neo-expressionist paintings and the whimsical world of "The Fairly OddParents," our collection offers two distinct styles:


1. **Sketchy ART Style**: Embrace the artistic allure with our Basquiat-inspired rendition, featuring painterly details and abstract edges for a bold statement.


2. **Fairy" Crown**: Step into a realm of magic with our Fairly OddParents-inspired crown, boasting clean lines and enchanting charm.


Each crown is meticulously handcrafted from stacked foam in vibrant yellow and black hues, accented with intricate painted detailing for an eye-catching finish.


To ensure a seamless match with your hair, we offer these headbands in BLACK, BLONDE, and BROWN variants. (Please note: If no preference is specified, the default option will be black.)


But remember, while these crowns may seem enchanting, they are not toys.

Exercise caution and avoid leaving them with unsupervised young children.


Handmade with love in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California, each headpiece is a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.Indulge in royalty and order yours today!


With our streamlined production process, your headpiece will typically ship within 1-4 business days.Elevate your style with our Floating Crown fascinators - where artistry meets elegance and CAMP.

Floating Crown Headband - Inspired by Basquiat & Fairly OddParents - Lightweigt

PriceFrom $30.95

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