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An authentic, real jewel beetle wings on a royal purple woven straw percher hat.  It's accented with a brass pin made out of a real, whole, taxidermy beetle.  


You wear the hat with the elastic to the BACK of your head, not under the chin as pictured on the mannequin.  T

The way the wings are laid out sorta resembles dragon scales.  It's great for a GoT Daenerys Targaryen (fit for a Queen).  It looks like a dragon egg from the top.


IMPORTANT!  This hat does not qualify for any special promotions or discounts.  
The price will never get lower on this.  If you would like to order a custom version, this piece might take up to 1-2 weeks to construct, not including shipping time.  


The pin is made out of brass and is accented with rhinestones (I was told they were lab-created diamonds, but I haven't confirmed this).  I DO NOT recommend that you remove the brooch from the hat, it is extremely difficult to get it back on.

Let me know which side you want the beetle on, LEFT or RIGHT (as pictured).

Your hat will be made to order.  Please note that the once pictured is an old one I've  been wearing for years, hence why there are slight imperfections.  I use it as a bump helmet while going cave exploring.

The wings were sustainably harvested after the beetles died from natural causes.  The wings were hand-selected out of HUNDREDS of others due to their beauty, size, orientation, and color.

It attaches with a hat elastic to the head and can be worn in a variety of positions.  


I have a science background and I have weatherproofed it a bit with a special custom sealant to help preserve it's beauty and to combat fading.  



Green and Purple Jewel Beetle Wing Percher Cocktail Hat Retro

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