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These quirky, glamorous sunglasses are inspired by one of the world's most beautiful insects, the jewel beetle!


Black sunglasses are decorated with authentic jewel beetle wings and a pumbob (diamond) shaped blue-green AB a crystal.  The frames are a universally flattering oversized cat eye style.  


The sunglasses feature purple UV400 protective poly-carbonate lenses. 


The beetle wings have been specially treated with resins and acrylic to be more sturdy.  
The change color in different lighting conditions, with varying shades of green, blue, and purple.  

The wings were screened out out of hundreds of pieces, size and color matched, cut, shaped, treated, recut, attached, and coated several more times for durability.


There are minor natural variations with each piece made.  The wings were sourced from beetles that died of natural causes at the end of their lifespan. 


It comes with a cleaning cloth and hard storage case.


Handmade in Los Angeles, each takes over 2 hours to make.  The design is a Fab Hatters exclusive.


The wings on the sunglasses have been treated for durability and can withstand a certain amount of abuse, but do try to avoid dropping the sunglasses from great heights onto a hard surface.


CAUTION:  Be wary of the pointed beetle wings on the central nose area of the sunglasses.  They are somewhat pointy, though they have been filed down for safety.  Wear at your own risk.  


Do not leave with unattended children.

Do not shove sharp point of sunglasses into your eyeballs.

Black Green Jewel Beetle Wings Cat Eye Sunglasses

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