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Let's be FRANK, we think you'll look great in BREAD with this fun hot dog headband!  This accessory is perfect for any occasion where you want to be TOP DOG, such as parties, tailgates, BBQ's, etc.


The hot dogs look really realistic and are lightweight and comfortable to wear.


There are a couple different styles of hot dog available.  All hot dogs are attached to a wide black satin headband.  It's easy to wear and suitable for adults and children.


  • Mayo Style:  Hot dog on a sesame seed bun, accented with mayo drizzle.  On sale for a limited time!
  • Pickle & Tomato Slices: Hot dog on a regular bun, accented with tomato slices, green slices of pickles or avocado, accented with dark red ketchup or BBQ sauce. 


Your hot dog might vary slightly.  


*Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
*Ready-to-ship in 1-2 business days

Hot Dog Headband | Imitation Food | Retro Picnic BBQ

價格自 $29.95