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One of the most mysterious and powerful women in ancient Egypt, Nefertiti was queen alongside Pharaoh Akhenaten from 1353 to 1336 B.C. and may have ruled the New Kingdom outright after her husband’s death. Her reign was a time of tremendous cultural upheaval, as Akhenaten reoriented Egypt’s religious and political structure around the worship of the sun god Aten. Nefertiti is best known for her painted sandstone bust, which was rediscovered in 1913 and became a global icon of feminine beauty and power.


Our flagship piece in this collection is this impressive collar made from golden metallic acrylic with a series of concentric detailed coloured inlays in sea blue, turqouise, red and green which are exact to Queen Nefertiti's specifications.


The collar is finished with a emerald green velvet backing allowing the segmented piece to take the shape of the wearer no matter what. It wears ultra comfortably and comes with a golden magnetic clasp.


Size: 300mm x 300mm with 170mm inside diameter neck ~ 12in x 12in x 7in.


Every piece we make is hand made to order by a highly skilled artisan maker and as such the lead time on your order may on occasion be around a week.

Nefertiti Crown Jewel Collar by MissJ Designs

  • Items are in stock and typically ship within 1-3 business days from Los Angeles, California.


  • MissJ items purchased from Fab Hatters also include their Lifetime Warranty.


    This includes their lifetime warranty on all of their products, meaning in the unlikely event it breaks you may contact MissJ, send it to their workshop in the rural Norfolk countryside and MissJ will repair your treasure FREE of charge and return it to you within 7 days of receiving it. Customer bares the cost of return shipping.