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This brooch is made out of a real preserved green jewel beetle (Burprestis Beetle). Depending on the light, it takes on various jewel tones, it has a beautiful iridescent color.

It will come shipped in a gold gift-box, perfect for gift giving!

Real Green Jewel Beetle & Rhinestone Gold Brooch

  • All pics are by the photographer Matija Pecek (, mvpblack on instagram.

    The backing is made out of sturdy gold-tone brass. It also has rhinestone accents around its neck. 

    It is has a real beetle head, wings, and thorax! It's also quite sturdy, but be careful around the antennas.I have also personally hand coated the head and wing areas with 3 layers of crystal clear acrylic to protect the brooch and make it more sturdy. 

    This coating doesn't negatively affect the color of the brooch in any way. To clean it, wipe it with a microfiber cloth, it's that easy!

    Approx Size (long) : 4.0 cm.

    Color : The color seen depends on the light

    Condition : 100 % New

    Due to the fact that this item is made out of an authentic beetle, the product you receive might have some minor, natural variations.

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