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This truly unique shade headoiece is made out of a vintage vinyl record.  It is one of our most popular items and has been seen at numerous events.   


It is waterproof and you can choose between a red, black, white, blue-green, or blue color scheme ( I have matching records and fringe for these).  I also have other unlisted color combinations, contact me if interested.


I can also make a custom record label for you, prices range from an additional $15-$35, depending on the ease of the design, how much photoshop I would have to do, etc.


If you would like the vinyl (black) part of the record to be a different color, such as gold or platinum, contact me first.  I can custom make one for an additional cost of $23-$35.

Made to Order Rockabilly Vinyl Music Record LP Hat with Beaded Fringe

  • The hat can be positioned in many ways, to either side or lying flat on the top of the head.  The record is firmly attached to a woven fascinator hat base.  It has a hat elastic and hair comb attached.  


    The record has been carefully melted to get an interesting wavy pattern! 


    Your one might be slightly different, but similar, each one is hand-made.


    The beaded fringe only covers HALF of the circumference of the record, this makes it lighter and more affordable.  To have the entire circumference surrounded with fringe is +$15, those beads cost a lot.