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Life is always better with sprinkles and these sweet ice cream costume fascinator hats are sure to make anybody MELT!


These costume hats resembles a upside-down ice cream cone.  They are available in a variety of colors including strawberry sprinkles, vanilla sprinkle, etc.  These sweet looks were inspired by Katy Perry and Ongina of Rupaul's Drag Race.


The vanilla or strawberry sprinkle ones are partially finished and ready-to-ship in 1-3 business days.  They would be great for theme parties, Sweet 16, Katy Perry fans, or anybody who is a fan of sweets!


It is available in several different colors:

  • A) Strawberry: A pale pink with with blue and yellow accent "sprinkles".
  • B) Vanilla:  A pale vanilla yellow with multicolored blue, pink "sprinkles".
  • C) Orange Sorbet:  Mixed color orange, yellow, peach colors
  • D) Green Sorbet: Mixed mint green and blue colors. 
  • E) Mint Chocolate Chip: Pale, pastel green with hand-painted black "chocolate chips" 

The cone is made out of hand-printed  stiffened thermo-plastic, it has a matte finish.  The hat is extremely lightweight and comfortable.  

Do not expose them to direct sunlight or light when not in use in order to prevent color-change or fading of the cone.


The cones are attached to a matching color fascinator base.  You can choose to have a hat elastic or clips attached.  If no preference is stated, I will use clips.

Pink Strawberry, Vanilla, or Sorbet Ice Cream Costume Fascinator Hat

價格自 $164.95
  • It is a cheaper version of my previous ice cream hat design which was made out of tulle.

    The cone is made out of hand-printed stiffened thermo-plastic, it has a matte finish. The hat is extremely lightweight and comfortable. 

    It is attached to a pink woven hat base. It has a hat elastic, clips can be attached upon request.

    NOTE: The hat elastic is to be worn to the back of the head, under the hair. Do not wear it under the chin as pictured in the listing, the mannequin has an oddly shaped head.