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Get ready to float on a cloud of compliments with our campy, kitschy Floating Balloon Dog Fascinator Headband! This playful piece is inspired by the iconic balloon dogs and will have you soaring high on style.


Pup-tacular Design

Featuring blue, pink, yellow, and green balloon dog appliques, this headband brings a parade of playful pooches to your hairdo. Each embroidered dog floats above your head on hidden wire-work, creating a whimsical, airy effect that’s sure to make everyone else green with envy!


Adjustable Canine Crew

Each balloon dog is hand-wired and fully adjustable, allowing you to change their position and height for a new look every time you wear it. Whether you want them close to your crown or soaring high, these pups are ready to take flight at your command!


Easy-Breezy Wear

Attached to a black Alice band (headband with teeth), this fascinator is super easy to wear and stays securely in place, no matter your hairstyle.


Key Features:

  • Handmade in the USA with love
  • Adjustable balloon dog appliques for customizable looks
  • Easy-to-wear Alice band suitable for most hair types
  • Ships within 1-10 business days depending on workload


Important Notes:

  • The balloon dogs are made from embroidered appliques and are NOT double-sided


Make a statement that’s light as air and twice as fun with the Floating Balloon Dog Fascinator Headband by Fab Hatters. It's the ulti-mutt accessory for any occasion!

Pop Art Floating Balloon Dog Headband | Surreal Fascinator | Blue, Pink, Yellow