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🍝 Don't CHICKEN out on the fun – our Chicken Parmesan Costume Fascinator Hat is ready to serve up some laughter and style! 🍝


Indulge in the whimsy, embrace the bizarre, and be the CLUCKing star of your next event in our campy, kitschy costume headpieces.


🐔 The Ultimate Recipe for Fun 🍝

Who says fashion can't be fun and delicious? Our Chicken Parmesan fascinator hat is designed to make you the center of attention with its mouthwatering, whimsical design. Handcrafted with precision and oozing with humor, this fascinator hat is a head-turning piece of wearable art that combines fashion with a dash of culinary charm.


✨ Key Ingredients ✨


🍝 Handmade with love: 

A Chicken Parmesan dinner complete with noodles, red sauce, green herbs, and a white cheese covered chicken cutlet sit atop a tilted white plate.  A red check tablecloth covers the hat base it is all attached to. Crafted by hand I hand-sculpted, molded, and painted the chicken cutlet out of lightweight foam and latex.  The red sauce, white cheese, and green herbs are all glittered.  The back of the plate is covered in white glitter or white felt and accented with a crossed knife and fork. 


NOTE:  You can change the color of the hat base.  The default hat base color will be BLACK, not coral as pictured, unless you request a specific color.  There will be further changes and improvements from the design pictured.  I will make the cutlet & green glitter herb pieces slightly smaller, to be more aesthetically cohesive.  


🍝 Comfortable and secure: It is a TILT hat, hidden wire-work allows the position, angle, and height of the hat to be adjusted.  It has an adjustable size hat elastic and metal hair comb attached to the hat base.

🍝 Versatile and unique: Perfect for costume parties, foodie events, or any occasion where you want to stand out and serve up some laughs.


🐔 Be the Clucking Star of the Show 🐔

Whether you're a foodie at heart or just a lover of quirky fashion, this Chicken Parmesan fascinator hat is the secret recipe to becoming an instant sensation. Pair it with your favorite outfit or go all out and create a culinary-themed ensemble that will have everyone craving your unique style.


🌟 Why Choose Fab Hatters? 🌟

At Fab Hatters, we're committed to creating quality, handmade accessories that stand out from the rest. We make our items to order from our Los Angeles location and this item typically ships out within 1-2 weeks, though we might be able to accommodate rush orders.  Our designs are a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and creativity. With every purchase, you're not only getting a fantastic accessory, but also supporting an independent maker & female, minority, & LGBTQIA+ owned small business.


So celebrate the absurd and savor the fun with us!


*Handmade in Los Angeles, California

*Typically ships out in 1-2 weeks.

*Each headpiece is a one-of-a-kind, wearable piece of art and there will be variations in each piece.


Chicken Parmesan Dinner Plate Tilt Fascinator Hat