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This headpiece was made for the Save Venice 2017 Gala where it beat out dozens of other looks to win Best Mask in a competition judged by Vogue Editor Hamish Bowles, as a result my client won a prize of several thousand dollars!  It was also featured in various fashion press and Vogue social media.


It features a realistic black and white image of the Saint Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco) in Venice.


The images were digitally compiled, edited, and patterned by myself.  The patterning and digital work took months by itself.   This piece is accented with hundreds of various faux crystals and pearl accents.  A unjeweled version (not pictured) is also available for a cheaper price. 


The mask is made out of custom-printed thermoplastics.  The mask is not a single-plane "flat" image, the pieces are staggered to give a more three-dimensional look.   The mask is divided into three panels: left, center, and right.  For more "depth" and realism, each panel is made out of two pieces, with the bottom of the building and the upper parts (with the domes), being made in separate pieces with L200 foam between them.  The pieces are attached to silver filigree laser-cut metal eye mask.   


This is a "floating" mask.  There is hidden wiring to the back that attaches the mask to a black satin headband.  You can adjust their position and distance from your face.  This mask is lightweight and can be worn with any hair length or texture.


It can also be made to be worn as a traditional mask with adjustable straps.  The straps can be clear, black, or white.  


In certain listing photos the center metal mask looks golden, this is a trick of the light.  It is a true silver color.


The back of the mask is a plain white.


I can make custom orders and changes, but prices can vary depending on how long it tales me to edit images, etc.


  • Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
  • There might be minor variations in the materials used.
  • The headpiece pictured has been sold.  
  • Your order will be made to order and it can take 1-6 weeks to make, but I can typically accommodate rush orders.
  • Shipping and handling costs more for this piece since it is an oversized package.

Custom Jeweled Saint Mark's Basilica Venetian Masquerade Mask

價格自 $425.00
  • CAUTION:  Do not expose to direct flames or temperatures of 215 degrees Fahrenheit or above for prolonged periods of time.  It is made out of heat sensitive materials.