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Set hearts aflutter or add a bold statement piece to any look with this custom, made-to-order butterfly masquerade mask!
I have the RED & BLUE ones ready-to-ship immediately.
Dozens of pieces of hand-selected feather butterfly wing pieces are attached to filigree mask.  The mask is lightweight and comfortable.  It has a elastic in the back and can fit any adult face shape.


Two large butterflies and a small center butterfly delicately swarm and float above the mask, you can adjust their position as you like.


The eye-holes are accented with beautiful, hand-placed rhinestones in a silver fitting.


Upon request, you can choose a different color mask.  If you would like more than one color on the mask, that would cost an extra $45 and increase production by 1 week, it is difficult to incorporate multiple colors due to the nature of the design and its patterning.  


I have HUNDREDS of colors and patterns available.  If you do not see a color or pattern you want, feel free  to contact me to see what else I have, tell me what colors you want.  I can make one to match a particular outfit.



  • Butterflies are made out of hand-painted feathers.
  • The butterflies are treated with special acrylic coatings to increase durability and make them more UV resistant. 
  • Large butterflies are 4.5in across. Small butterflies are 2.5in across.


  • Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
  • The BLUE & RED masks typically ships out within 1-2 business days.
  • Other color masks typically ship out within 1-10 business days.
  • Hats with Heart: For every $100 in profit, we do at least 1 hour of volunteer work.

Custom Butterfly Venetian Masquerade Mask | Feathers & Rhinestone Filigree Mask

PriceFrom $194.95

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