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Step into Surreal Style with the Salvador Dali "Tearful Softwatch" Fascinator by Fab Hatters


Time flies when you’re having fun, and so does style with our Salvador Dali-inspired "Tearful Softwatch" fascinator! This whimsical headpiece is a tick-tocking testament to surrealist elegance, guaranteed to make heads turn and clocks stop.


• Crafted with Dali-ghtful Precision
Inspired by the melting masterpieces of Salvador Dali, this fascinator features a custom PRINTED image of the iconic "Tearful Softwatch" on stiffened thermoplastic. Lightweight yet durable (just don't fold or crease it!) this piece is gently curved and shaped while still hot to create a subtly 3D effect that’s sure to make time stand still.  It is NOT completely flat or 2D.


• Adjustable Artistry
Whether you like your clock high noon or six o’clock low, the adjustable positioning of the clock allows you to customize the height and angle to suit your mood. Time is on your side with this adaptable accessory!


• Customization Galore
Made to order and fully customizable, this fascinator can be tailored to your unique taste.  Add flowers, veiling, or more for an additional cost. Plus, if you're on a budget, check out our smaller, wallet-friendly version in the shop.


• Glitter & Feather Finesse
The back of the fascinator is a dazzling display of white glitter, accented with numbers and clock hands crafted from hand-cut feathers. Due to the handmade nature, each piece has its unique charm with slight variations in feathers and numbers.


• Easy to Wear
IMPORTANT: We've updated the design for your convenience! Now attached to a black Alice band (headband with teeth), it’s easier to wear and suitable for all head sizes and hair lengths. Prefer the traditional fascinator hat base? Just let us know!


• Caution: Handle with Care
Keep your fascinator away from direct flames or temperatures above 215°F. Remember, it's made from heat-sensitive materials—so keep cool and carry on!


Key Features:
• Handmade with love in Los Angeles, California
• Custom orders typically ship within 1 week; rush orders accommodated

Embrace the surreal and make a statement with the Fab Hatters "Tearful Softwatch" fascinator—where time and fashion seamlessly melt together!

Dali "Tearful Soft Watch" Melting Clock Fascinator

  • CAUTION:  Do not expose to direct flames or temperatures of 215 degrees Fahrenheit or above for prolonged periods of time.  It is made out of heat sensitive materials.


    •    Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
    •    A custom order typically ships out within 1 week, though I can typically accommodate rush orders.
    •    Hats with Heart: For every $100 in profit, we do at least 1 hour of volunteer work.

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