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A lightweight, realistic lotus (water lily) flower sits atop a woven straw base that has been covered in blue glitter.Choose your color of flower!It is accented with blue beaded fringe. A lighter blue, moonstone version beaded fringe can be substituted upon request.

Glitter Lotus (Water Lily) Fascinator Hat with But

PriceFrom $42.95
  • For the animal accent you can choose from a butterfly (many colors available), a frog, a cricket, or a hummingbird  (+$5)

    Great for garden parties or any sort of fun event! Pair it with a nice water color pattern print dress and go as Monet's Water Lily as a costume! You can also put on a faux beard and go as Milk from Rupaul's Drag Race when he was serving bearded Greek realness! 

    I have a much larger lily pad for this if you are interested.It is accentuated with a butterfly made out of real feathers. You can get any color butterfly you want, just ask! Other colors available for the flower are orange, pink, purple, and white. I can also paint the base a different color, just ask!

    Please give up to a week for it to be mailed out, it will probably be done much sooner though. Let me know if there are any deadlines or if it's for an important event.

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