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This headpiece is inspired by a surrealist headpiece made by Schiaparelli and Dali.

It is available in several different styles: smoking sequin red lips, smoking photo-realistic lip print, or Warhol print lips (no cigarette).

For BOTH, a red lip is attached with hidden wiring to a wide black headband. The position and angle of both the lips and the cigarette can be adjusted.

Smoking SEQUIN LIPS: Both the front and back have the same sequin design. The back does not have a cigarette. If you would like to add 2 "floating" blue eyes above the lips, let me know, it costs an extra $40.

REALISTIC-PRINT SMOKING LIPS : A custom printed lip is printed into stiffened fabric. The back of the lips is covered in red or pink glitter. If you do not state a preference, it will be covered in red glitter. If you would like the back to be covered in the same print has the front, that will cost an extra $25. I custom front and stiffen the fabric myself.

Andy Warhol Lips: Has no cigarette style.  Only has the the Warhol print style on the front, the lips are a plain solid red glitter on the back.

  • All headpieces are accented with black dotted veiling.
  • Red or pink dotted veiling or plain birdcage veiling can be used instead upon request.

Very open to customization, major changes might result in differences in cost. I can change the color of the lips, etc.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, there are slight variations in each piece and the materials in your piece might differ slightly, but will be of the same quality.

*Made in Los Angeles, CA
*They are ready to ship in 2-7 days.

*Notify me of any deadlines.

Surrealist Smoking Red Lips Fascinator Hat Veil

PriceFrom $179.95

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