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This dramatic veiled, jeweled eye clock headdress is inspired by one of the most iconic pieces of surrealist jewelry and art of all time, Salvador Dali's "Eye of Time".


 Instantly recognizable, this fascinator incorporates two of the most iconic surrealist Dali symbols, the eye and the clock.  Bold and modern, we offer a variety of styles for every price point. 


It one of our best-sellers and is a favorite at surrealist parties & fashion events worldwide.

The front features a photo-realistic print that has been edited & custom printed onto a stiffened fabric.  
It has been accented with hand-painted details.

The back of the clock is covered in glitter in the eye pattern.


Black dotted veiling is attached to the wide black, satin headband.  The headband also has a hair comb attached to it for extra security.

ALL three eye pieces, as pictured, are the same size and color and have the same look to the back.  They just differ in the type of embellishments used around the front of the eye.  

All have jeweled tears, clock hands, pupils, and tear ducts.  


It is available in THREE different versions. Please look at listing photos for labeled photos, closeups, & a comparison shot.

  • A PLAIN version with no jewels.
  • A PLASTIC GEM version with large silver-tone, faceted plastic trimming along the edge of the eye.
  • A RHINESTONE JEWEL version with a lot more gems and stoning.  Has rows of AB stone trimming along the edge, which is further accented with hand-placed clear and blue gems on top.  For this version, you can also choose to have the metal backing of the jewels to be gold instead of silver.

Please note, each piece is handmade so there might be minor variations in each piece.  The might be variations in the type of "tear" used too.


In the listing photos, at some points the veiling might look irregular or jagged, this is a photo-editing error, since it is semi-translucent it was difficult to photograph and edit.  


•    Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
•    The rhinestone jeweled headpieces pictured has sold.  There might be minor variations in the gems used.  
•    Both styles take approximately 2-15 business days to make.  Notify me of any deadlines.  

CAUTION:  Do not expose to direct flames or temperatures of 215 degrees Fahrenheit or above for prolonged periods of time.  It is made out of heat sensitive materials.


Also available as matching acrylic necklace.

Dali "Eye of Time" Teardrop Clock Veiled Headband

PriceFrom $204.95

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