Meet The Team

N. Fang

Co-founder and Head Designer
N. Fang studied genetics at UCLA and is currently a nursing student.  She is a self-taught amateur milliner.
While backpacking overseas, Nancy would often put souvenirs and trinkets on her hats, eliciting positive responses from passersby.  Once she returned to the states she was encouraged to sell hats online.  In 2014, she began Fab Hatters and hasn't looked back since.
In her spare time, she enjoys going to art shows, volunteering for the LA opera and local hospitals, and fencing.
99% angel, 1% devil


Co-founder and Consultant

Grace is a User Researcher in the Digital Technology department of  Liberty Mutual.  Prior to her work at Liberty, she worked with under-resourced communities in Los Angeles and the Bronx and for the Tufts spatial cognition lab, examining origami and paper engineering.


She studied anthropology and neuroscience at Dartmouth College and completed a masters degree in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University.

When she isn't making hat designs or working on the website, she gives talks and goes to tech meetups.

99% devil, 1% angel

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N.Fang and Grace are self-taught milliners who draw inspiration from pop culture, nostalgic childhood toys, avant garde fashion, and world culture.  We aspire to create unique, often one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to command attention.