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Philanthropy - Hats with a Heart

Fab Hatters is committed to giving back to the community.  N.Fang is a regular hospital and opera league volunteer.  She dedicates at least one day a week to volunteer opportunities.


Grace has extensive experience working in non-profits, Project Angel Food and Meet Each Need with Dignity, dedicated to mediating health and income inequities in Los Angeles.  Grace is passionate about education- she worked in a high school college advising office in the South Bronx.  She is also an ardent animal lover, spending many of her high school years volunteering at the West Valley Animal Shelter.




Recent Volunteering

Dirty Girl Mud Run- July 11, 2015

The Dirty Girl Mud Run was one of my most memorable experiences this year.  I volunteered for five hours at "Barn Burner"- a 20 foot mountain of inflatable stacked logs.  Unfortunately, several of the logs deflated, which made ascending the mountain difficult.  Fortunately, four other volunteers and I stepped up the plate- lending out hands, pushing, and pulling people up.  It was amazing to see the wide range of people coming out to physically challenge themselves- some fit, some young, some old- people of all shapes, sizes, and physical abilities.  It was also gratifying to hear so many people say how impressed they were with my strength (good things come in small packages, I say).  After volunteering, I had the opportunity to run the 5K for free, which was also incredibly fun, muddy, and exhilarating.  What a great opportunity to get some exercise and benefit breast cancer awareness!


- Grace

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