Prefect for any political event or Holiday, you'll definitely be the center of attention with this headpiece!

The American Declaration of Independence is faithfully, photo-realistically recreated on fabric and stiffened in a gently curving shape.  The print is legible.   

A feather quill, dyed red, white, and blue is attached to the headpiece at John Hancock's signature.  Both the Declaration and the feather are attached with hidden wire-work, allowing you to change their position.

Declaration of Independence & Feather Quill Surrealist Headpiece

  • I can also custom made a headpiece for you for a page from your favorite book, a poem, sonnet, love note, etc  Prices vary.

    The headpiece is attached to a lightweight Alice band, a headband with teeth. 

    IMPORTANT: Store in the dark when it is not in use to prevent color change and fading.

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