A Frida Kahlo inspired surrealist headpiece.

The deer is a reference to "The Wounded Deer", 1946 painting.  I can also make a similar headpiece with a pet monkey instead.

Frida Kahlo Wounded Deer Floral & Fruit Headpiece

  • Custom printed portrait of Frida Kahlo is put on hidden wirework and backed with pink and purple glitter.  The headpiece is further accented by a wounded deer fawn with tiny hand cut white feather arrows piercing its side.   

    It is also covered in light pink flowers and on the side of the hat are a couple tropical fruits, a guava, banana, and pear.  In the back there is a hand-painted green snake hiding among the flowers.

    Everything is attached to a  13 cm wide woven straw green base.  It comes with a hat elastic, wear the elastic to the back of the head, under the hair. 

    You'll get the piece pictured.  It is pictured unlined for possible further alterations.  Your one will come lined in green felt.

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