Golden Art Nouveau Cuff with Lime pearl swirl acrylic inserts.

A gorgeous cuff filled with a lime green swirly acrylic with a motif of leaves.


All of our cuffs are now made with 5mm thick acrylic perspex for added strength and durability. 


This example is no exception shaped on a famously familiar lalique design of a butterfly. We have tweaked that design and made it more moth like from 5mm golden glitter acrylic perspex.


It is detailed with a moth pattern on its face that wraps around the wrist immaculately.

Heated and bent by hand as all our works of art are into a perfect cuff shape.

Measures: 75mm x 75mm with a 70mm inside diameter or 3in x 3in x 3in.


PLEASE NOTE: As much as we try to make a one size fits all for cuffs that is not possible however it is extremely easy to readjust the size of your cuff if you inform us of the size you require, alternatively you can do this adjustment yourself by putting it in a heated oven for 1min or less which will make the cuff malleable enough to adjust, PLEASE WEAR PROTECTIVE GLOVES WHEN DOING THIS!


A chunky and sizable but yet comfortable and wearable bracelet.



Golden Art Nouveau Cuff with Lime pearl swirl acrylic inserts

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