Get the INSIDE SCOOP, this ice cream inspired clown hat will make anybody melt!
An upside down ice cream cone is accented with pale pink ruffled trimming and 3 pink pom poms.  The cone has a realistic print embedded into the material.
It is made out of thermoplastic.  Do not expose it to heat.  Store in the dark when not in use to prevent color fading.

	If desired, I can make it strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla scented for no additional cost.  This increases construction time by a week though.

The hat is extremely lightweight and comfortable.  It has a hat elastic attached.
	You can wear it as is, but if you want to SOFT SERVE the full ice cream fantasy by pairing it with a large, fluffy wig, let us know! In that case we can attach clips to the clown hat instead of the elastic.

*The cone has been treated with special acrylic coatings to increase durability and make them more UV resistant. *The headpiece pictured typically ships out within 1-5 business days.*Handmade in Los Angeles, California.*Hats with Heart: For every $100 in profit, we do at least 1 hour of volunteer work.

Pink Ice Cream Cone Pierrot Clown Hat | Clown Costume

  • The cone is made out of hand-printed stiffened thermo-plastic, it has a matte finish. The hat is extremely lightweight and comfortable. 

    It has a hat elastic, clips can be attached upon request.

    NOTE: The hat elastic is to be worn to the back of the head, under the hair. Do not wear it under the chin as pictured in the listing, the mannequin has an oddly shaped head.

  • This is being sold for a reduced price because there is a error where I accidentally ripped off part of the pattern.  Look closely at the listing pictures.

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