Inspired by Mary Poppin's nanny hat, this is the perfect finishing touch for any Mary Poppins outfit or Disney inspired look. 


A black straw boater hat is accented with faux cherries and daisies.  

It is available with two styles of brim, straight & wavy.  


The wavy brim is more similar to the movie hat style, costs more and can take 1-2 weeks to make.

The wavy brim will have a slightly "squashed" look to it and wire has been added to the brim to give it a more wavy shape to it, to make it resemble the movie version more.


The straight brim can take 1-3 business days to make.  If you choose this option, it will be decorated with flowers and fruit as pictured, but it will be like a regular boater hat in shape.  It will not have the "squashed" look of the movie version and no wire will be added to the brim that gives it that wavy look.


Made in Los Angeles, CA.

Mary Poppins Cherry & Daisy Black Boater Hat

Brim Style

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