Inspired by the iconic pop art Jeff Koons' balloon dogs, this surreal headdress features Blue, Pink, Yellow, & Green balloon dog appliques floating on a headband.  
This headpiece looks so amazing, it'll have you floating on air!  People will be ready to BURST with jealousy!
Embroidered balloon dog appliques delicately swarm and float above your head on hidden wire-work.  
Each individual dog on this headpiece is hand-wired and adjustable, you can change their position and height to create dramatically different looks.
The dogs are attached to a black Alice band (a headband with teeth) making it very easy to wear and suitable for most hairstyles.  
*The dogs are made out of embroidered appliques.  They are NOT double-sided
* On average it takes 1-5 business days to ship depending on my workload.  
*Handmade in Los Angeles, California.

Pop Art Floating Balloon Dog Headband | Surreal Fascinator | Blue, Pink, Yellow


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