Ready-to-ship, this red cherry headband is sure to CHERRY you up!

This headpiece features giant red glitter cherries, attached to a giant wired stem with two leaves.
The cherries are attached to a wide black satin headband with a hair comb attached.


The headpiece pictured is ready-to-ship.


We can also customize a headpiece for you.  Yellow with gold glitter cherries are also available.  Any color cherry except for red or gold glitter would cost extra and take longer to make.


  • We can also add a veiling to the headpiece for an extra $25.  Some available veilings we have are: black birdcage veiling, green birdcage veiling, red birdcage veiling, red polka veiling, & black polka veiling.


The headpiece is lightweight despite its size and impact, the cherries are made out of specially treated foam.


•    Handmade in Los Angeles, California.
•    This headpiece pictured typically ships out within 1-2 business days.
•    Custom headpieces can take up to a week to make.


Red Glitter Cherry Headband | Red Cherries | Fruit Headdress | Oversize Fruit


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